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The No Greater Love movie seeks to expose audiences to the raw experience of war in hopes that others can come to understand the agony and struggles soldiers experience both during and after war, on the battlefield and off.

US Army Chaplain Justin David Roberts, the director of No Greater Love, has experienced the reality of war and its aftermath first hand. While deployed in Afghanistan with the legendary “No Slack” Battalion he witnessed brave men and women sacrifice themselves to protect others. Chaplain Roberts also witnessed suicide, the first occurring just two days after arriving at his new battalion. At the Brooks Army Medical Center in Houston, TX he witnessed the physical and emotional struggle veterans experience even after returning home including their intense sense of isolation.

The award-winning documentary, No Greater Love, shares the experiences of Chaplain Roberts and other soldiers through combat footage and emotional interviews.

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The Statistics...

Upon their return home, veterans face some of their largest struggles. The opportunity to help civilians understand these struggles and to let soldiers know they are not alone are two of the reason Chaplain Roberts decided to create No Greater Love.

  • 22 Veterans commit suicide per day (Suicide Data Report, Department of Veteran Affairs, Mental Health Services, 2012)
  • 20% of Veterans suffer from PTSD (Litz BT, Schlenger WE. PTSD in service members and new veterans of the Ira and Afghanistan wars: a bibliography and critique. PTSD Res Q 2009;20(1):1-2.)
  • 10% of incarcerated adults had served previously in the military (Blodgett JC, Avoundjian T, Finlay AK, et al. Prevalence of mental health disorders among justice-involved veterans. Epidemiol Rev 2015;37. 000–000.)
  • 12% of the homeless population in the US are veterans (Tsai J, Rosenheck RA. Risk factors for homelessness among US veterans. Epidemiol Rev 2015;37. 000–000.)

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