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"No Greater Love is one incredibly powerful film that should be seen."
- Howard Baldwin, Producer of Academy Award winning, Ray

Shot and directed by Army chaplain Justin Roberts, No Greater Love invites the audience to experience war, its aftermath, and the hard road home from a soldier’s perspective. While deployed with the legendary “No Slack” Battalion, Roberts decided to carry a camera to document the hardships his unit endured. He managed to capture not only the gritty reality of war but also the incredibly strong bond that is forged between soldiers.

No Greater Love weaves real combat footage with heartfelt interviews to present a side of war rarely explored in film—the difficult journey back. The stories captured convey raw emotion in an absolutely visceral way, exposing the audience to the struggles our service members face, specifically PTSD, depression, and suicide.

These authentic tales of grit and valor celebrate true heroes in an inspiring way while striving to create a dialogue about war and promote healing.

No Greater Love, the award-winning film called “remarkable” by The Washington Post, is the first documentary directed by an active duty soldier in combat.

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Read No Greater Love: About Justin Roberts

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